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In addition to clinical work, research and writing articles, we also teach ear care to nurses, audiologists, healthcare assistants and other health professionals. All our training courses are quality assured by Sheffield University. Please see below for full details. Some of the training takes place here in Rotherham, but we do take our training ‘on the road’, where appropriate. If you would like a course brought to you, please contact us.

The Irrigation Study Day and the Half-day Update session are provided throughout the UK by our network of licensed trainers. Some of them also present the Healthcare Assistants’ Irrigation Course. and the one-day Microsuction Course for nurses and audiologists. We have 17 trainers in 14 locations throughout England and Wales. Please contact your local trainer for details of the courses they provide.  Click here for a list of trainers.

We are currently looking for a new trainer or trainers in Scotland and Cumbria.  If you have completed our Diploma Course and are interested in providing ear care training in your area, please get in touch.

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Course List

For any enquiries about our training please telephone 01709 423140.

Below you will find details of the courses we provide, all of which are ‘Quality Assured’ by Sheffield University. Please click on the headings for more information.

The National Diploma in Primary Ear Care for Practitioners

A 5-day diploma level course, quality assured by Sheffield University, for nurses and practitioners working in the primary setting and in secondary care. It aims to equip them with the knowledge and clinical skills to enable them to provide holistic care for patients with ear problems.

Ear Irrigation & Instrumentation Study Day

This study day is intended to give the practitioner knowledge of and practical experience of ear irrigation and instrumentation. It is suitable for nurses and audiologists. It aims to provide an understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology of the ear and the need for preventative care, including patient education and advice.

Ear Irrigation & Instrumentation for Healthcare Assistants and Other Support Workers

A two day course in ear irrigation for Healthcare Assistants and other support workers designed to ensure that those Assistants whose role involves providing basic ear care, including irrigation. are able to do so confidently and safely. Mentors attend the first day and revise delegation and supervision of competencies.

Microsuction for Healthcare Assistants and Other Support Workers

This is a new 2 day course in Microsuction specifically for support staff. Many Practices would prefer their staff not to irrigate and are looking at suction as an alternative. Nurses and Audiologists can already access our Microsuction Study Day. This course is for Healthcare Assistants and others, with the same structure as the HCA Course in irrigation - HCAs attend both days, Mentors just the first.

Ear Irrigation Half-Day Update

Healthcare professionals working in Primary Care are frequently asked to see patients with ear problems. This half day up-date session allows the practitioner to revise their knowledge and competence of irrigation.

Open to Nurses and Healthcare Assistants who have completed the Primary Ear Care Diploma Course, the Irrigation and Instrumentation Study Day or the 2-day Healthcare Assistants’ irrigation course within the last 2 years.

Ear Irrigation and Infections Update Day

This study day is intended to give practitioners updated knowledge of irrigation and knowledge and treatment of common ear problems.

Microsuction Course

A 1-day intensive microsuction course for healthcare practitioners, combining practical and taught sessions.

Written in response to demand from healthcare practitioners, including audiologists this is now a well-established and highly regarded study day. It is one of the few microsuction courses for ears in the UK which is backed by a comprehensive protocol and taught by practitioners who have been providing this service for patients for more than ten years.

The course is taught in small numbers, for the benefit of participants, in a nurse-led environment.

Microsuction Half-Day Update

This session is intended to give practitioners who have attended the full course in the previous two years updated knowledge of microsuction technique and equipment.

Mould Course  (Coming Soon)

A 2-day course for Audiologists, Associate Audiologists and hearing aid technicians wishing to learn how to take mould impressions for hearing aids, in-ear monitors, (sound protection), swim plugs (water protection) etc. safely and confidently.

If you are interested in hosting a course in your own venue please get in touch.