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We have all had to learn new ways of working and I'm sure you, like us in Rotherham, are planning how you can incorporate the best new ideas with the best of the established ways, in order to create an even better service than before.

Patients have proved themselves to be more resilient than we imagined, adapting to telephone consultations, electronic prescriptions, tinnitus counselling by phone and much more. All of the different techniques we are using at the moment are being looked at and, if successful, incorporated into our future working practices.

Have a look at the 'Training Page' for a description of each of the courses we offer, they are available in Rotherham or at your own venue. If you want to discuss any of them please ring or email us. 

We have a dedicated phone line for healthcare professionals, so if you need to phone us please do so on 01709 423140 or email us on