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We hope you’ll find it easy to use and will like the modern 'look', the more up-to-date information and the new pages. You’ll see that we have divided it into 2 main sections – one for Healthcare Professionals and one for patients. Some pages will be the same for everyone but most have been written specifically for you, whether patient or practitioner.

We want to use this website as a way of communicating with all interested groups, making available information about the services we provide, the equipment we sell, with downloadable leaflets, protocols and other information.

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Congratulations to the Ear Care Centre – 25 years old this year!

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On the 1st Monday of each month we run group sessions at which patients are shown how to change their hearing aid tubing etc. If you have difficulty changing your tubing or batteries, please ring and book yourself into one of the sessions.


07th Dec

Open to Nurses and Healthcare Assistants who have completed the Primary Ear Care Diploma Course, Ear Care Study Day 1 or 2 Day Healthcare Assistants’ /Assistant Practitioners’ course within the last 2 years.

08th Dec

This study day is intended to give practitioners updated knowledge of irrigation and knowledge and treatment of common ear problems.

29th Jan

A 2 day ear microsuction course for healthcare practitioners, combining practical and taught sessions.

07th Mar

A two day course in ear irrigation for Healthcare Assistants/Assistant Practitioners designed to ensure that those Assistants who are expected to irrigate are able to do so confidently and safely.