Diploma Course now includes Microsuction......

Our Diploma Course, which has been the core of all our training since we first started, has been revamped and re-written and now includes Microsuction. Practitioners are now turning to Microsuction as the preferred method of cleaning ears and this Course includes it as one of the standard elements of modern ear care.

We launched a new course last year - Microsuction for Healthcare Assistants

A two-day Microsuction Course especially for Healthcare Assistants and other Support Workers and their mentors.

The next course is to be held on Thursday & Friday 22nd & 23rd November 2018 - see Health Professionals' Training page for more details.

If you would like to attend any of our courses or are interested in hosting one in your venue, please get in touch.

Would you like to train for us?

We are currently looking for a new trainer or trainers in Scotland and Cumbria.  If you have completed our Diploma Course and are interested in providing ear care training in your area, please get in touch.

Please note that our email contact details have changed.  The new address is:  rgh-tr.earcarecentre@nhs.net

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Equipment News

Cupris Video Otoscope

We are now selling the new Otoscope which attaches to a Smartphone. It is neat, simple and efficient. Not only do you have a clear image of the ear on the screen of your phone, you can store it, print it and send it.

Price: £112 (Smartphone not supplied)

Projet Irrigator

The new Projet Irrigator is available to purchase from the Ear Care Centre

Cost: £190 - including 10 tips and carriage