Infections and Treatments half-day

This  half-day intensive session is intended to give practitioners knowledge of and practical experience of infections and the treatment of common ear problems. 

Suitable for:

  • Practice Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Community Nurses
  • ENT Nurses

Learning Outcomes:

participants will have:-

  • an understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology of the ear
  • an understanding of the prevention of ear problems
  • an improved ability to recognise common ear problems and apply the most appropriate treatments
  • the ability to undertake ear care within the boundaries and limits of their professional competence, responsibility and accountability.
  • an understanding of the equipment required for ear care 
  • considered the patient with ear problems holistically
  • thought about the future management of people with ear infections
  • an understanding to complete achieved competencies as documented in the competency handbook, consistent with their individual level of skill and knowledge


    £150.00 per person.

    Forthcoming Dates:


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