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Below you will find a photograph and a brief description of each member of our team – don’t take them too seriously!
Whether you are a patient or a practitioner planning to attend one of our training courses, you will meet some of these people.  Even if you’re just ringing to check the price of an instrument, it’s nice to be able to put a face to a name!

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Linda Mills - Head of Service

Manager of The Primary Ear Care Centre since 2002, Linda has taken it from a small innovative service to the national award-winning organisation it is today,overseeing and leading the integration with the Audiology Department in 2011.

When she isn’t seeing patients, teaching and managing the service she is a super-nanny to a growing brood of grandchildren.'They keep me young and on my toes….either that or they’re trying to kill me, I’m not entirely sure…'

Of the Centre Linda says 'I love a challenge, I love change, and most of all I love my staff. We’re a mixed team of differing abilities and talents, but we gel and work brilliantly together. In these difficult times I know that we can take our service forward and achieve amazing things.


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Mandy Platts - Deputy Head of Service

Mandy has worked for the department since 2007, first, although a qualified nurse, as the Manager of the newborn hearing screening service and then as an ear care specialist nurse.

She has a partner, 3 growing children and a dog. She says she has no hobbies – far too busy working – but loves travelling. America is her favourite destination ; however, following her parents’ Golden Wedding cruise in the Caribbean, her next trip was a romantic holiday for 2 with her husband in Jamaica


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Carole Traunter - Business Manager

Semi-retirement has not dimmed Carole's enthusiasm for being part of the ear care team. Having been the team's Business Manager for 20 years she still enjoys coming to work – albeit only one day week! Look out for the old lady in the corner – the one with the hand-knitted shawl and red stilettos.

Working with friends at a job that you love makes for an enjoyable working life. We get the job done and have moments of hysteria (when no one is listening). What could be better?


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Beverley 'Bev' Sales - Specialist Ear Care Nurse/Lecturer & Ear Care Lead

Bev has worked for PECC since 2005, her background being in District Nursing.

I have a keen interest in all things ear care, especially hearing loss. I teach deaf Awareness and am the course lead for our Healthcare Assistants’ course. I have a Level 2 British sign language qualification which I love to use. All the girls know the sign for ’can I have a cuppa please’ - even if they pretend not to!


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Polly Bartrop - Specialist Nurse

Polly, also known as ‘The Bionic Woman’, due to her recent knee replacement, has been at the ear care centre for 14 years

She works ‘semi-skimmed hours (she’s semi-retired) and spends 2 days a week seeing patients in various clinics and teaching Healthcare Assistants.

I love working with our team and our patients – it keeps me out of trouble and in beef tea.


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Angela Davison - Senior Audiologist

An Audiologist for 20 years, Angela has specialised in Paediatrics for the last 3 years. She really enjoys this role - probably because she is still a big child at heart!

When she is not at work you can find her in the gym or being taxi service to her 2 children.


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Matthew White - Senior Audiologist

Matt joined the team in July 2015 after just over 7 years working in Audiology in Doncaster and Mexborough. He is a local boy, having grown up in Rotherham. In his spare time Matt loves spending time with his young family, walking his dog and having holidays in highland Scotland.Matt mainly specialises in adult hearing rehabilitation.


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Mandeep Kaur Kahlon - Senior Audiologist

Mandeep started work here in November 2014. Mandeep works in both adult and paediatric audiology. She is the Local Manager for the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme. "When I'm not at work I spend my spare time with my little one"


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Chris Hammond-Race - Audiology Clinical Lead

Chris has been with Rotherham since 2002 and specialises in paediatric audiology.

He originally intended to be a primary school teacher, his career having come full circle as, after working in adult audiology, he has returned to working with children, which he enjoys. 'I love making a difference' he says.

He is married with one son, loves - and owns – classic cars, skiing and playing golf.


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Adam Weaver - Senior Audiologist

I have worked in Audiology since 1996 and will be here in Rotherham until I am sacked, win the lottery or retire, whichever comes first. My hobby is cycling and my ambition is to win the Tour de France. Now where did I put my passport? What? It starts in Yorkshire this year? Brilliant!!!


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Alice Hurst - Audiologist


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Tracy Litchfield - Newborn Hearing Screener

Tracy has been a newborn hearing screener since 2003, being the only surviving screener from the original team.

'I took an interest in the job because I have a daughter who is profoundly deaf and who remained undiagnosed until she was 2 years old. Unfortunately this service was not available at the time.' Her daughter has cochlea implants and is able to access mainstream school.

Tracy has 2 other children, one granddaughter and another on the way. When she’s not working you can find her by the pool at her villa in Spain – that’s why she’s always brown.


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Allison Whittaker - Associate Audiologist

Allison has worked for the Audiology Department since 1987. A further example of her sticking power is the fact that she has been with her husband since she was 15!

They have an idyllic marriage with twin sons, both at University in York, and 2 cats. She loves reading and has just joined a gym (New Year’s Resolution!) She describes herself as a hopeless romantic.


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Kirsty Bellamy - Associate Audiologist


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Lizzie Fletcher - Healthcare Assistant

Lizzie has been a Healthcare Assistant with PECC since June 2010, having worked for NHS Rotherham for a year prior to that, as an HR assistant.

She is hoping to start a nursing and midwifery access course soon in order to study for a degree in children’s nursing.

Lizzie was married this summer in a fairytale wedding which she says she thoroughly enjoyed – the reception was on an island!


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Vanessa Hague - Healthcare Assistant

Vanessa has been one of our Healthcare Assistants for 6 years and having completed the Healthcare Assistants’ ear care course now is able to see patients for wax removal, under the guidance of a specialist nurse. She also works in the workshop carrying out a wide range of repairs and adjustments to hearing aids.

I have a beautiful grandson who I love to be with but am happy to give back to his mother when he cries!


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Susan Gill - Technical Officer


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Susan Brunyee - Administrator

Susan makes appointments and deals with most administrative enquiries in addition to co-ordinating our team of national trainers.

I started working here on a 6-month contract – and 20 years later I’m still here. Where have all the years gone?

Susan recently completed a business degree which she says took most of her spare time. 'I wondered why I ever started it; although it was one of the proudest days of my life when I received my degree in front of my family and friends'


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Annette Carter - Administrator

Having worked for the NHS since 1979 Annette has been an Administrator with the Audiology Department for the last 20 years. She deals with patient appointments and letters and enjoys talking to patients on the telephone.

I have 2 gorgeous adult kids and when not running around after them I enjoy reading walking and keeping fit. My ambition is to move to Whitby and wake to the sound of screeching gulls


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Jodie Whitehead - Specialist Ear Care Nurse


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Julie Berry - Newborn Hearing Screener

Having worked at Rotherham Hospital for over 10 years Julie moved from medical records to being a newborn hearing screener. Newborn babies are screened for hearing loss in their first few days. 'I get great satisfaction knowing that I could have a huge impact on the development of children who are found to have hearing problems'

My hobbies ... well I don't have time for any! I have 4 children, 2 dogs, a cat, a budgie and three fish (PHEW!) They take up all my spare time - and if I do have any it’s spent with my feet up in front of the T.V. (or hiding behind the sofa).


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Karen Bowers, Specialist Ear Care Nurse


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Kirsty Baldwin - Procedures Administrator


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Keith Swainson - Audiologist


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Sarah Wardle - Senior Audiologist


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Stacey Critchley - Newborn Hearing Screener