Microsuction Course

microsuction procedure

From April 2017 this will be a 1 day intensive microsuction course for healthcare practitioners, combining practical and taught sessions.

This course was written in response to demand from healthcare practitioners, including audiologists. It is now well established and well respected. It is one of the very few microsuction courses for ears in the UK. It is backed by a comprehensive protocol and is taught by practitioners who have been providing this service for patients for more than ten years.

Following feedback and evaluation the essential elements of the original two-day course have been developed into a new programme which includes practical and taught sessions covering anatomy and physiology of the ear, the basics of wax and wax removal, equipment, principles, contraindications and procedure. There is practical experience using a dummy head. For legal and ethical reasons we believe that practicising on patients and/or friends is unprofessional and potentially dangerous.  Carrying out microsuction on people should be confined to your own patients under the supervision of a mentor. 

The course is taught in small numbers, for the benefit of participants, in a nurse-led environment.

Suitable For:

  • Registered nurses
  • Audiologists
  • Suitably qualified health professionals
  • All delegates should have comprehensive experience of ear care


We recommend that, following the course, those delegates with little experience of the microsuction procedure acquire a suitable mentor and complete a programme of clinical competencies.


Price: £350

Forthcoming Dates:

Monday 19th November 2018

Monday 7th January 2019

Tuesday 19th February 2019

Recent Evaluations

Very enjoyable, informative – surpassed my expectations.

Fabulous, excellent course – well-structured and presented. Excellent first class lecturers.

I would recommend this course to colleagues- good value for money, content carefully considered and well executed by knowledgeable staff.

Really enjoyed the course – very friendly, fun and relaxed. Would recommend it to others.

What to do now? – for more information and to provisionally reserve a place, please telephone us. Your place will be held for a maximum of 3 weeks, during which time you should print and complete the application form and either email, post or fax it to us (don’t forget your photograph). If you are unable to confirm within 3 weeks, to avoid withdrawal of the offer, please telephone us to discuss any problems.


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