We sell a range of ear care instruments, in many cases adapted to our specification, in both single-use and re-useable form. Please download the appropriate order form and Email, fax or post it to us. We also sell microsuction equipment - which doesn't appear on the order form - so if you would like more details or need any further information about any equipment which we sell please telephone us on 01709 423140

As you know, we are practitioners ourselves and we only sell equipment which we use and therefore know to be good quality and fit for purpose. This is most important when you consider the delicate nature of the ear.  If you need advice about any ear care equipment please ring or email us on

Please be aware that if you are a non-NHS (England) organisation – including GP practices - VAT at the rate of 20% will be shown as a separate item on your invoice

Re-useable equipment order form
Single-use equipment order form

Microsuction equipment order form