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These pages are divided into subjects which we think will be of use and of interest to you.  If there’s a subject which you feel would be useful and which we have omitted, please let us know. We want this section to be useful, so please do get in touch.  We shall be adding information as we go along. There will be more information about hearing aids, more FAQs and more leaflets for you to download. A new section on Tinnitus will be added shortly.

There is a new leaflet to read or download:  It's the Action on Hearing Loss leaflet listing the venues and times when you can collect hearing aid batteries and have tubing replaced.  Go to the 'Leaflets' section.


If you have a problem with your ears you need to see one of the specialist nurses. Please ring 423207 or Email If you have a problem with your hearing you need to see an Audiologist. Please ring 423145 or Email

You can either ring us, Email, or call in to make an appointment. All the details, together with maps of where we hold our clinics can be found by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button.  Please note that phone calls will be answered between 9.00 am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday

If you contact us via Email, please be aware that the information you send will be through a non-secure service and this may affect the confidentiality of the content.  We advise that you state only your name and date of birth in order to protect your personal data.

Batteries & Tubing

Don't forget that you can collect batteries from the 1st floor, green corridor reception desk Monday to Friday between 9am and 4.30 pm or we can post them to you. Hearing aid repairs - such things as mould adjustments, minor damage or replacement tubing - are now by appointment only.  However the charity Action On Hearing Loss do hold drop-in sessions for batteries and tubing at various centres throughout the Rotherham area. Pick up a leaflet with details of all the venues and times or go to the 'Leaflets' page and download it.

Please note that there are no drop-in repair sessions.  For minor repairs or change of tubing - if you cannot manage it yourself - please ring or email for an appointment. 

Private Aids

Although most people are satisfied with the quality of NHS hearing aids - which is very good - some people would prefer to have, and are willing to pay for, a better quality or more discreet hearing aid. Our service provides patients with a wider choice of hearing aids and the income generated is reinvested in the NHS.

If you are thinking about buying a hearing aid, please think about us first.  Buying a private hearing aid through an NHS Audiology Department provides patients with an honest, ethical, rigorous, trustworthy and reliable service that will be available for the long term to provide help and support.  Other benefits are the professionalism and dedication of the staff and access to the expertise of experienced ear care nurses.  If you would like to know more, please speak to any of the staff, who will put you in touch with an audiologist. 


A few of the comments about our service received recently:

Good service, great patient care and nothing felt 'too much' for the audiologist

Amazing service, kind people. 1st class manners from everyone I encountered

I couldn’t get an appointment for my GP to see me when I had a really bad ear infection that developed while I was on holiday. I was seen by two lovely nurses and the treatment worked! I feel very honoured to have been seen by such lovely kind and generous people

I would not go anywhere else

I really would not know what to do if your service didn't exist

All the staff made me feel at ease, they were kind, caring and showed real understanding to my problem and my fears

When I saw the hearing aid gentleman he explained everything step by step for me, all my questions were answered and I felt he showed genuine care and attention to my needs and reassured any worries I had

The staff listened to me and understood how my physical difficulties affected the using of hearing aids and worked hard to find a solution


Patient Groups

There are currently 2 patient groups which are run with our support. The Patients’ steering group allows you to find out more about our service, make comments and discuss issues which you feel strongly about. The Tinnitus self-help group allows patients with Tinnitus to support one another and to have the opportunity to find out more about their condition. If you would like to be part of either group, please contact us.