Ear Irrigation & Instrumentation for Healthcare Assistants and Other Support Workers

Earcare demoA two day course in ear irrigation for Healthcare Assistants/Assistant Practitioners designed to ensure that those Assistants who are expected to irrigate are able to do so confidently and safely.The role of the Healthcare Assistant in primary care may involve providing basic ear care, including irrigation. 

Mentors attend the first day and revise delegation and supervision of competencies

Suitable for:

  • Healthcare Assistants working in general practice and the community.
  • Care Assistants and Nurse Auxiliaries in nursing and residential homes.

The course provides knowledge and practical guidance, which, together with mentorship in situ, should enable Healthcare Assistants to fulfil their extended role.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology of the ear.
  • An understanding of basic ear care.
  • A foundation of knowledge on which to base practical ear irrigation.
  • A foundation knowledge of otoscopy.
  • Reflected on accountability and documentation.
  • An understanding that, during and following completion of the course, they will undertake ear irrigation within appropriately monitored and supervised conditions and within the limits of their knowledge, skill and competence.
  • An understanding that, following the course, ear irrigation will continue to be undertaken in accordance with the Ear Care Guidelines


Please note:  This course includes the theory of ear irrigation

Following the course, the student will require practical supervision by a suitable mentor who has received training in ear care. The mentor must be identified, and approved, prior to commencement of the course and must attend the first day of this course.

Price: £450.00 per HCA & Mentor (includes lunch, but not accommodation)

Forthcoming Dates:

Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th February 2019      

What to do now? – for more information and to provisionally reserve a place, please telephone us. Your place will be held for a maximum of 3 weeks, during which time you should print and complete the application form and then either email post or fax it to us (don’t forget your photograph). If you are unable to confirm within 3 weeks, to avoid withdrawal of the offer, please telephone us to discuss any problems.

HCA Irrigation Course Application Form

HCA Irrigation Course Application form for Mentor

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