I know that many of you have been contacting us about the way forward for ear care and audiology, so we thought that we would share with you what we are doing at the moment and what our plans are for the immediate future.

Ear Clinics - a statement from the Head of Service 24.6.20

We have received many enquiries about starting ear care clinics post Covid. First of all I would advise all clinicians to contact their own infection control lead for guidance in their own area. I would also advise clinicians to keep an eye on national guidance which changes regularly

There have been discussions about whether ear microsuction or irrigation are aerosol generating procedures. We are following NHS England’s guidance and it does not list either microsuction or irrigation as an aerosol procedure. With this in mind we are starting ear clinics again this week, using single use aprons, surgical masks, gloves and wipe-able visors or goggles.

We are only seeing patients face to face who cannot be treated remotely with a telephone or video consultation. Safety measures that have been put in place include taking a full history over the phone or video consultation prior to the appointment so that the time the patient is in the clinic room is as small as possible I’m sure once we are up and running we may have more guidance but do also take advice from your own Infection Control Lead

Some of the problems which we are wrestling with are social distancing - waiting areas, stairs, lifts, the correct PPE to use, donning and doffing techniques etc. 

But we will come through this dreadful crisis and when we do we will pick up our 'normal' lives once again - whatever the new 'normal' is - we will  have learned new ways of doing what we do best, which will benefit not only us but our patients.

We will still be here bringing you 'gold-standard' ear care and audiology training, advice, encouragement and support.

Stay safe everyone