Latest courses prove very popular

Building on our years of experience training nurses, healthcare assistants and audiologists in ear care, we have improved our portfolio of courses by incorporating infections into our extremely successful basic irrigation Study Day for nurses and have refined the very popular Microsuction Course into an intensive one-day course in response to demand. Microsuction is also now taught as part of the week-long Diploma Course and forms the core of a new course - Microsuction for Healthcare Assistants & Other Support Workers.

All courses have been extremely well received and are proving to be very popular.

We - and our trainers throughout the UK - still provide the basic Irrigation Study Day which all nurses who provide ear care should complete.

Forthcoming Events

We are in the process of developing a course on mould taking - for audiological technicians and others who take hearing aid moulds.  Please ring for details.

Would you like to train for us?

We are currently looking for a new trainer or trainers in Scotland and Cumbria.  If you have completed our Diploma Course and are interested in providing ear care training in your area, please get in touch.

Some comments about our training from students:

Fantastic! (the trainers) make the Course fun, interactive and interesting.  Probably one of the best courses I have attended in 22 years of healthcare and lots of different courses.  Thank you ladies.

Didn't feel like I was in a normal learning environment.  The delivery of the course was excellent.

Amazingly taught - very easy to understand.  Seemed to take things in better than previous courses - lovely atmosphere.  Nice to have someone actually teach rather than relying on Powerpoint for everything!

Very valuable course - informative & appropriate training. Excellent delivery of course.

Really well run and presented, good pace of learning - Thank you!

Excellent trainers: funny, knowledgeable, approachable

Very useful and well-planned


For full details, and the dates of all our courses, please see our new Training Directory and the Training page